Beginning  in  the  distant dim past  from  its legendary   origin   in   the    holy   land   of Sri Purusotamma-Kshetra  (modern Puri in eastern India), the glorious  tradition  of Sri  Sri  Purusotamma-Jagannath spread, in course of time to the neighbouring regions; and Sri Sri Jagannath-dham Puri attained wide recognition as one of the four major"dhams"  (sacred abodes of  the Lord) in  Bharatvarsha.  With  the  advent  of the present  millenium , Sri  Sri  Jagannath  Mahaprabhu,came to be formally acclaimed as the " Rashtra-Devata "- the Presiding Deity  of the vast Kalinga-Utkal  Empire spread  across  the  eastern seaboard of India.

        The  second  half  of the present  century  has witnessed another significant expansion of this ancient tradition.   From  construction  of   temples  of  Lord Jagannath  in  major  cities and towns  throughout  the country,  Sri Jagannath sanskriti has now spread across
the world   spanning  many   continents.   The  "Ratha"
(chariot)  of the Lord majestically rolls down the main avenues of capital cities of many nations.  Indeed, the Supreme Lord, in his unbounded mercy and compassion for all humanity,  has condescended to manifest Himself  in different   parts  of  the  globe   as  if  to   remind strife-torn  mankind that all beings are his  children, transcending  all distinctions of caste, colour,  creed nationality  and  religion. He is "Purusotamma -Jagannath" --  the  Supreme  Being,  the  Lord  of  the Universe, the Lord of all creation through eternity.

        It is no small wonder, therefore, that down the ages, many    diverse    and    sometimes    apparently contradictory   schools  of   religious  thought   have converged  and harmoniously merged in the expansive and
all-encompassing  philosophy  and tradition of Sri  Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu, like so many streams flowing into
the  endless  ocean. Great  Acharyas  of the  different "sampradayas"  ( religious  traditions )  and  devotees from different faiths have invoked Him in their own way, according to their own tradition and belief, and  found ultimate solace in  Him.  

       In an age when our spiritual moorings are shaken by relentless    onslaught of rank materialistic values  and when global humanity is divided and  pitted against each other due to man-made distinctions based on caste, colour,nationality and even religion, the all-embracing universality of Sri Jagannath-Sanskriti,imbued with the eternal spiritual wisdom of  "Sanatana-dharma", is like a  beacon-light  in  the gathering  gloom  showing the path-way to a  bright and golden new millenium. As a token of humble offering at the Lotus Feet of the Lord,  this  service through Internet  is  being
provided for the benefit of devotees all over the world and for those  keen  to  know  about  this  unique  and glorious  tradition  of   sacred  Bharatvarsha. Every effort will  be made to add more features and  relevant material to this new initiative from time to time.  Our sincere gratitude   to   the    members   of   National Informatics  Centre, Puri, without whose  whole-hearted and enthusiastic  support  and  assistance  this  noble venture would not have been possible.

        May  Sri  Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu inspire  and guide all  humanity  to a new era of peace,  prosperity and amity  firmly founded on the spiritual  realisation of the Fatherhood of the One God and brotherhood of all mankind.

Hari Om Tat Sat.

Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deb 

Sri Jagannath Temple
Managing Committee,

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